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A new set of Transaction Processing benchmarks and goals are necessary for the 21st century.

Now that we regularly, well occasionally, see 100K+ TPM TPC benchmark results reported it is clear that the current benchmarks are not very useful as a system selection criteria nor are they very applicable to the new very dynmaic environment environment of ecommerce and the Internet.

Some important customer criteria that are not currently adequately addressed are, easy of application development and speed of application deployment, integration with legacy systems, integration with Internet technologies, rapid and easy scalability (i.e. can my ecommerce site easily and rapidly grow incrementally if it becomes one of the spectacularly successful Internet sites or do I end up with a success disaster).

Over the years the HPTS community has successfuly driven absolute TP performance and to some extent focused on driving down the cost per transaction. It is now time to see if there are some other metrics we can focus on particularly with the integration of TP with Internet technologies.

At HTPS '99 we should debate what the key metrics are for the HTPS community to focus on for the 21st century.