First Name : Johannes

Last Name : Klein

Title : Software Architect

Company : Compaq Computers, Tandem Division

Address : 19333 Vallco Pkwy

City : Cupertino

State : CA

Mail Code : Telephone : 408-285-1806

FAX : 408-285-1819

E-mail :

Cyberpaper : Is there a future for today's messaging products ?

Most messaging architectures were developed when connectivity wasn't ubiquitous and Web access wasn't a standard feature. Today the Web provides ubiquitous connectivity, ubiquitous access, even to legacy applications and an ubiquitous naming scheme thus solving many of the problems traditionally addressed by messaging products. At the same time message storage, message retrieval and subscription as well as message transformation are still in their infancy. The database community never lived up to its promise for active databases leading to a multitude of point solutions. Future products embracing the Web as their native protocol but focusing on integrated message storage and message processing may well obsolete today's dominant messaging products.