First Name : Robbert

Last Name : Van der Linden

Title : Principle Member of Technical Staff

Company : Compaq

Address : 19333 Vallco Parkway

City : Cupertino

State : CA

Mail Code : Telephone : 408-285-7340


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Cyberpaper : Applications for Active Databases

Messaging and publish/subscribe are in great demand for application integration and processing of business events. Active databases, capable of storing operational data and messages, should be the platform of choice. However, work on active databases, and more importantly their implementations, have often been limited to triggers or actions which only have an effect on data stored within the data store. Little attention has been paid to mechanisms for application processes to subscribe and wait for updates or new data being posted, i.e. being inserted. In order to overcome those limitations, we implemented extensions to the SQL language that allow regular SQL select statements to be used for subscriptions and existing application interfaces to be used for delivering notifications.