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Poster Sessions: HPTS October 7-10, 2007

Title Presenter(s)
O/R Mapping in ADO.NET Phil Bernstein et al
Application Oriented Networking Pranta Das and Krishna Sankar
Utilization is Virtually Useless as a Metric! Adrian Cockcroft
E-Manufcaturing, the Web, and Things Talking To Things Wayne Duquaine
Pat Helland Singing! Pat Helland and most of the attendees!
OSS and transaction processing Mark Little
OSGi for the Enterprise Eric Newcomer
From Social to Data Networking Savas Parastatidis
Scaleable Structured Datastorage for Web 2.0 Michael Armbrust and David Patterson
Data and Compute Platforms for Emerging Applications Hamid Pirahesh and Bo Shekita
History of an Exchange Architecture Horst Schaefer
Virtualization Performance H. Reza Taheri