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16th International Workshop

on High Performance Transaction Systems (HPTS)

September 27-30, 2015

Asilomar Conference Grounds

Pacific Grove, CA

HPTS warmly remembers our friend and colleague Ed Lassettre, who contributed enormously to our industry and to HPTS. Ed passed away on November 1, 2015. Our sympathies to his family. He will be greatly missed.

Every two years, HPTS brings together a lively and opinionated group of participants to discuss and debate the pressing topics that affect today's systems and their design and implementation, especially where scalability is concerned. The workshop includes position paper presentations, panels, moderated discussions, and significant time for casual interaction. The only publications are slide decks by presenters who choose to post them.

Since its inception in 1985, HPTS has always been about large-scale systems --- systems that extend the state-of-the-art. Over the years the focus has expanded from scalable transaction processing to very large databases to cloud computing. Today, scalability is also about big data --- capturing it, storing it, and analyzing it. Here are some of the questions we hope 2015 participants will address:

Others topics are welcome, as long as they are likely to be of interest to people building large-scale systems.

If you would like to attend, please submit a one-page technical position paper that presents a viewpoint on a controversial topic, a summary of lessons learned, experience with a large or unusual system, an innovative mechanism, an enormous problem looming on the horizon, or anything else that convinces the program committee that you have something interesting to say to builders of large-scale systems. The submission process is very lightweight, in part to attract systems developers who can't set aside time to write a paper. Each submission can have many authors. However, if the submission is accepted, only the corresponding author will receive an invitation to attend. At most one submission per corresponding author, please.

The workshop is by invitation only and will have under 100 participants. The submissions drive both the invitation process and the workshop agenda. Participants may be asked to give a presentation at the workshop. Students are particularly encouraged to submit and will enjoy a discounted workshop fee.

What to submit:

The length limits will be strictly enforced. We won't consider submissions that exceed the maximum length.

The workshop begins with dinner on Sunday, September 27 and ends with lunch on Wednesday, September 30.

Where to submit: Submissions are now closed.

Important Dates:


General Co-Chairs

Program Chair

Shel Finkelstein (U.C. Santa Cruz and LogicBlox),

Pat Helland (Salesforce)

Phil Bernstein (Microsoft Research), hpts2015@microsoft.com

Program Committee

Hal Berenson (Amazon) Ippokratis Pandis (Cloudera)
David Cheriton (Stanford) Andy Pavlo (CMU)
Adrian Cockcroft (Battery Ventures) Hamid Pirahesh (IBM)
Bill Coughran (Sequoia Capital) Paul Watson (Newcastle University)
Pranta Das (AppDynamics) Janet Wiener (Facebook)
Tirthankar Lahiri (Oracle) John Wilkes (Google)

Organizing Committtee

Shel Finkelstein (U.C. Santa Cruz and LogicBlox) Pat Helland (Salesforce)
Mark Little (Red Hat) Andy Pavlo (CMU)

Proceedings for the 1995 and 1997 HPTS conference are now posted on this site. Thanks very much to Anthony Voelim for scanning them in.