2009 HPTS Poster Sessions

1.   Pranta Das, Cisco, “AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol)”

2.   Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix, “Millicomputing – The Future in Your Pocket (and Your Datacenter)”

3.   Simson Garfinkel, Naval Postgraduate School, “Statistical Drive Analysis”

4.   Ryan Johnson, EPFL, “Transaction Processing Needs a Refrigerator or Two”

5.   Carolyn Norton, IBM, “Building a Problem Determination Database”

6.   Ted Wobber, Microsoft, “Three Surprises Concerning SSDs”

7.   Rick Spillane, Stony Brook, “SOSP 2009 I/O Review”

8.   Ivan Klianev, Transactum, “Transactum: 1000 Parallel Instances of Workflow on Single CPU and the Web”

9.   Alan Geller, Microsoft, “Using Transactions in Interactive Applications”

10.                 Tyson Condie, Berkeley, “The Cloud Goes Boom”

11.                 Eric Newcomer, Credit Suisse, “Managed Evolution: It’s Not About Technology Any More”

12.                 Michael Armbrust, Berkeley, “SCADS: Performance Safe Queries for Interactive Web Applications”

13.                 Pat Selinger, IBM, “A Model Mashup Environment for Healthcare Decision Support”

14.                 Rich McDougall, VMWare, “Scaling in a Hypervisor Environment”

15.                 Pat Helland, Microsoft, “HPTS over 24 Years” (no slides)